The largest range of mining spray nozzles available at Spray Nozzle Engineering for Australian and New Zealand markets. Tens of thousands of different products, including fog nozzles, misting nozzles, tank washing nozzles, material injection nozzles and a huge range of custom spray lances.

Spray Nozzle Engineering represent Australasia’s largest range of leading nozzle manufacturers from around the world and stand alone amongst competitors as the only local specialist manufacturer of unique patented nozzle products which are exported globally. Their team has built experience for over two decades and can provide prompt service and real technical, engineering and problem solving back-up. They maintain a large stock holding and have access to prompt delivery service.

Spray Nozzle Engineering can provide specialist support to companies involved in a wide range of industries from minerals processing, steel, alumina and petrochemical; these services include spray droplet and spray coverage analysis in the BETE labs. BETE not only has one of the largest ranges of nozzles in the world but has an enviable reputation for fire protection, pollution control and flue gas desulphurisation. Spray Nozzle Engineering also have a “wet” test room in Australia, and can provide technical expertise to help in your design and specification work.

Mining Nozzles


Spray Nozzle Engineering specialise in industrial spray nozzles anywhere in industry where liquid and/or air is to be used for coating, cleaning, cooling, scrubbing, dust control or environmental control.

Tank Cleaning Nozzles


Dust is a chronic problem at many stone or dirt quarries or mines. Our Dust Management Systems cater to Conveyors, Transfer Stations, Hoppers, Crushers and unloaders. Applications include wetting, coating, gas cooling, scrubbing, foam breaking and odour control.

Wash Pad Cannons


Stang Industries offer Water Cannons & Monitors used for hydraulic Mining, material processing, dust abatement and truck wash bays. Spray Bar Nozzles are also available with cleaning foam application equipment and Hose Reels.

Fire Protection Nozzles


Our Fire Protection Nozzles – Deluge and Vehicle protects offshore platforms, storage tanks, hazardous loading areas and equipment bays. Applications include Vehicle Foam Nozzles, Conveyor Protection, Offshore Applications and Special Hazard Deluge.

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