The company’s main focus is in fluid mechanics and, as a result, Spray Nozzle Engineering work in many fields including mining, oil and gas and fire protection. As a specialist supplier and manufacturer/exporter of industrial spray nozzle technology, Spray Nozzle Engineering has gained expertise in the design and supply of spray related products that are exported globally. These include fire protection nozzles for off-road and mining vehicles, steel cooling nozzles using atomised air technology, gas cooling and quenching systems and more.

Cooling of gasses can be achieved by spraying a fine mist of coolant into the gas stream on fluid beds and reaction tanks.

Dust is a chronic problem at many stone or dirt quarries or mines. We cater to Conveyors, Transfer Stations, Hoppers, Crushers and unloaders.

Bete’s N series for fire protection systems combine fine droplets with the excellent spray reach and impact needed to work through the often strong thermal currents generated by fire.


Using external mix variants, where the air is mixed with the fluid after exit from the nozzles will help prevent clogging problems for viscous fluids.


Wash applications rely on the impact of the spray to help dislodge residue. The full cone spray pattern nozzles distribute the kinetic energy of the fluid being sprayed over a large area and this reduces impact.

Special Purpose

BETE works to your requirements, from the most simple to the most complex. Incorporation of client specifications is routine for us as is design, fabrication, and inspection to Code requirements.


Nozzles can be quickly changed and aligned by hand without tools, made of Polypropylene, resistant to most acids and alkalies  and has a double clamp base or adapter available for higher pressure operation