Mining Nozzles Accessories

Snap Release Nozzle Systems & Swivel Joints

The Uni-Spray system is the original plastic riser, holder and nozzle system for metal finishing spray tunnels. 25 years ago it was the Uni-Spray product that paved the way for the industry wide swap over from existing stainless steel systems to chemically resistant plastics such as PVC, CPVC, PVDF and polypropylene.

Plastics are not only superior from a chemical compatibility perspective they are also lighter and considerably cheaper than stainless steel.

Mining Nozzle Accessories

Spraying systems for metal finishing

Nozzles can be quickly changed and aligned by hand without tools, made of Polypropylene, resistant to most acids and alkalies  and has a double clamp base or adapter available for higher pressure operation

Adjustable Swivel Joints
aid in aligning spray nozzles

Adjustable swivel joints allow custom alignment of spray nozzles without expensive piping changes. Made of Leak-proof design, standard materials are brass and stainless steel. Other materials available upon request