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Eliminate confined space entry with Gamajet Rotary Impingement tank cleaners

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Automated tank-cleaning programs can save time and labor when the solution is tailored to the cleaning environment.

tank cleaningWhat are the most important factors that make up an oil and gas industry tank or vessel cleaning program? It’s a succinct question and one that many contractors have never asked themselves. In many cases, tanks and vessels are cleaned when they’re no longer functional, using high pressure washing devices and brute human force supplied by workers who must often enter tanks to achieve acceptable results.

“To us, the most important factor in tank cleaning has nothing to do with cleaning the tank,” says Michael Delaney, vice president of business development with automated tank cleaning equipment manufacturer Gamajet. “It has to do with protecting workers and promoting their safety by eliminating the use of confined-space entry for cleaning, when that cleaning could easily be handled by an automated system.”

BeforeAftertrailerGamajet was founded about 60 years ago, offering a cleaning system that applied detergent to the insides of ocean-going oil tankers. About 20 years ago, the company diversified to cover tank cleaning in a number of industries, including oil and gas, using a wide range of cleaning systems and nozzles. The company’s approach to cleaning employs rotary impingement tank-cleaning machines.

Engineered tank cleaning

Each oil and gas tank cleaning application may be engineered differently, ranging from smaller totes, mud tanks and frac tanks to vacuum trucks, crude oil-carrying rail tank cars, transport tankers and larger refinery tanks.

liquid-transportTank owners first need to assess their needs and goals, whether worker safety, reduced labor cost, reduced use of cleaning fluids (either chemicals or water), reduced downtime for vessels and production equipment, the possibility of using tanks to hold more than one substance after cleaning and better tank performance. They next need to describe how the tank is currently cleaned and the type, size and interior layout of the tank.

Automated tank-cleaning programs can save time and labor when the solution is tailored to the cleaning environment.

sidewinder-2Spray Nozzle Engineering and Gamajet have created a solution for cleaning the notoriously hard-to-reach bulkheads in cargo tank: The Sidewinder.

A revolutionary device for achieving the most effective tanker, trailer, and railcar cleaning, the Sidewinder enables a Gamajet Tank-cleaning device to be placed on its side, completely changing the nature of the nozzles’ orbit, enabling it to focus on the bulkheads. In effect, tankers can be cleaned in half the time.

Instead of following an ellipse pattern across the tank wall, as is the case when spinners are inserted vertically, the Sidewinder enables the machine to form a figure-8 pattern sweeping the length of the tanker. With the implementation of a Sidewinder, the spinner will deliver 30 times more hits to the bulkheads, cleaning tankers in half the time with no shadow areas, according to Gamajet officials.

Coupled with Gamajet spinners, which are designed to easily handle 6m to 9m throw lengths, the Sidewinder enables wash stations to provide the most efficient and effective clean to every inch of the tanker, giving you a Total Spraying Solution for the toughest application.

Transportation Industry


Gamajet’s machines are not only designed to offer the most effective cleaning, they are also built to last twice as long as other tank cleaning machines before requiring service. they are ergonomically-friendly, and backed by Gamajet’s industry-leading service program.

Zero Entry Cleaning


Eliminate Confined space entry when cleaning your tanks and trucks with a Gamajet tank cleaning machine and reducing cleaning time by 75%. The Gamajet is dynamically balanced and can be lowered into any tank on a flexible hose or lance. It can also be placed on a cart or tripod within the vessel, or permanently installed.

Oilfield Services


Working hand-in-hand with numerous companies in the oil and gas industry, Gamajet has developed a full line of tank cleaning equipment that covers a vast spectrum of applications, from drilling on land to offshore, from the equator to the arctic. Every machine is tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Fuel Storage


Gamajet’s rotary impingement tank cleaning machines combine pressure and flow to create high impact cleaning jest, blasting residue from the tank surface in a precise global indexing pattern, effectively removing sludge and contaminants.

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