Washing For Mining

Spray Nozzles for Washing Decks

Wash applications rely on the impact of the spray to help dislodge residue. The full cone spray pattern nozzles distribute the kinetic energy of the fluid being sprayed over a large area and this reduces impact.  So in order to achieve the required impact other spray patterns are required.

Typically a flat fan spray pattern will be used.  The problem is that this only cleans a thin line, so some kind of relative motion will be needed to clean a target area. This motion can be provided by a conveyor moving product under a cleaning spray bar or by a moving spray bar.

Washing Nozzles for Mining

Deflector Flat Fan Nozzles for Cleaning

The deflection type nozzle produces the flat fan pattern by deflecting the fluid stream against a curved surface after exit from the nozzle orifice.  The impact of the fluid on the deflection surface cause the desired atomisation and the geometry of the surface shapes the resulting spray into a flat fan pattern.

Elliptical Orifice Flat Fan Nozzles

With this design of nozzle the spray pattern is formed by the exit of the fluid through a shaped orifice.  This spray will be a high impact flat fan.  These nozzle have a lower profile than their deflector design cousins and so may be more appropriate where space is confined.